How to Get Paid for Being You!
Imagine… never having to “work” another day in your life because NOW you just jump out of bed every morning and get paid for doing the easiest thing in the world…BEING YOU!
I know…

It almost sounds TOO crazy 

To think that YOU could actually live your dream life and get paid insane amounts of money, just for BEING YOU

Well, whether you think it’s crazy or not, people are ACTUALLY doing it

Just think about it…

The celebrity getting paid millions of dollars (who has you scratching your head as to why they’re even famous)…

The stay at home mom who takes her love of scrapbooking and turns it into a $30,000/month business…

The person who just LOVES giving dating advice to their friends and now makes $100,000 a year just giving dating advice…

Or how about the silly college kid who now has over 3- Million followers on YouTube (and pockets a cool $700 a day), just because he decided record himself playing video games, and he put those recordings on YouTube

I could go on and on 

But I think you get the picture

What’s the ONE THING all of these people have in common?


But do you want to know what I think the saddest part is?

It’s that while almost anyone (including you) could get paid just like the people I mentioned above… almost no-one knows how to make it happen


If You Let Me Help You… I’ll Show You EXACTLY How To Become Part Of The 1% Who ACTUALLY Gets Paid Just For Being Themselves!

I’ll make you a deal

I’ll show you how to access a VERY SIMPLE formula for getting paid for being you, as long as you PROMISE to use the information to live the kind of life you’ve always dreamed of.

Do we have a deal? GREAT!

But before I show you how to click the green button on this page and get this information sent to you…

Let me first ( briefly) share with you who I am and why you’ll want to listen to me when it comes to GETTING PAID TO JUST BE YOU.

Regular Mom Turns Unsatisfying Job Into A Life Of Speaking, Comedy, & Traveling Around The World 

My name is Sophie, and YES… you just read that correctly. 

I always thought I wasn’t super talented at anything. 
I grew up thinking I was ordinary but I always had this sense that there had to be way MORE to life. 
I have a great sense of humor and I love to make people laugh. I wondered what it would be like to live an extraordinary life. 

Then I fell in love, got married and had children.  
Not long ago, I was in a good paying but not very satisfying job. 
I just wanted more. I wanted to feel like I could be ME anywhere I went, 
and make money doing it. 

In my search I found these tools and began to apply them to my life and everything changed!

Today, I am a Coach, a Speaker, a Comedian and I travel all over the world facilitating workshops and I have lots of fun.

I am getting paid for being me. 
Now I Want To Reveal To You The EXACT Tools That Allow Me To Get Paid For Being Me… So That You Can Apply Them To YOUR LIFE!


Getting paid for being you does not mean you have to do anything special or be better than anyone else. 
But it does require you to apply some tools and start stepping into the possibilities instead of looking at them from afar. 
And I’ve put together a step-by-step process that will allow you to do just that

Once inside, you’ll discover: 
1) Find out who the being you that people would like to pay is?
2) How to get paid for those special qualities that are unique to you?
3) How to choose only the money­making activities that you when you are being you! 
And so much more…

Join me inside and lets get you paid for being you!

With gratitude, 

Sophie Mihalko
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